10 Spooky Steaks to Scare your Guests this Halloween

Looking to plan a frightfully good Halloween party, but bored of cooking the usual pumpkin soup and toffee apples?

Not to fear, there are plenty of spooky savoury dishes that can take your Halloween dinner to the next level!

To help inspire you this 31st of October, we’ve brought together 10 ingenious meat dishes to thrill your guests. From the terrifically garlicky vampire steak to a cheesy feet loaf, here are our top 10 ideas for a spooky steak night…

1. Vampire Steak

The garlicky Vampire Steak is a sophisticated classic that your guests will love to death. Best served bloody!

Pair with Beefsteak Club Mendoza Malbec for a match fit for Count Dracula.

2. Dead Man’s Chest

Smoke Daddy in Chicago’s Dead Man’s Chest with St Louis style ribs is a feast for the eyes as well as the belly!

Pair your ribs with the rich and robust Beefsteak Club Shiraz from Australia.

3. Halloween Steak Cake

Let them eat Steak Cake! Only the best for your Halloween guests, with this beefy surprise from Max the Meat Guy.

Pair with our deep and inky Beefsteak Club Reserve Organic Tannat.

4. Beefy Eyeballs

These spooky beef meatballs in a bed of marinara sauce are the perfect addition to a scary Halloween spread, and sure to raise a few eyeballs.

Pair with our ripe and fruity Spanish Beefsteak Club Tempranillo.

5. Zombie Meatloaf

This creepy yet totally delicious meatloaf from Chef John is a cut above the rest.

Pair it with our beefy and savoury Beefsteak Club Braai Edition Malbec-Merlot if you dare.

6. Trick or Treat Porterhouse

This indulgent yet macabre Porterhouse steak dish from Kiyafries is a gourmet delight to treat your guests to this Halloween. Want to trick? You could sprinkle some hot chilli on some of the steak pieces for a beefy Russian roulette… but you didn’t hear it from us!

Pair with our fine and rare Beefsteak Club Reserve Malbec.

7. Monster Burgers

Scary or cute? You decide. What’s for sure is making them will be a whole lot of fun!

Pair with our crisp and fruity Beefsteak Club Malbec Rosé to get the party started.

8. Mummified Beef Wellington

This spooky twist on a classic beef wellington from the Food Network is sure to impress. Or at least get a few laughs!

Pair with our rich and full-bodied Beefsteak Club Cabernet Sauvignon.

9. Witches’ Beef Crock Pot

A meaty take on the classic pumpkin soup, with witches fingers for the extra creepy factor.

This rich beefy stew would pair perfectly with our new velvety smooth Beefsteak Club Merlot.

10. Feet Loaf

The ‘pied de résistance’ to our Halloween selection is the ‘disgustingly delicious’ feet loaf! Load with strong cheese for an authentic touch.

Pair with the dark and smoky Beefsteak Club French Malbec.


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