Malbec Wine Cans in Waitrose

beefsteak club malbec wine cans

Coming soon to Waitrose! Our Malbec wine cans offer the same great taste of Beefsteak Club Malbec, in super convenient and lightweight packaging. Our Malbec cans are 43% lighter than the equivalent glass bottle and we can fit 48% more wine on a pallet, lowering the carbon footprint and reducing environmental impact. Not to mention […]

Pull a Cracker!

Beefsteak Club Cracker

No more bad jokes. Pull our virtual social media cracker and you could win prizes! We’ve given tired old Christmas crackers the Beefsteak Club treatment! For your chance to win, follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and drop a comment on our ‘pull a cracker’ post telling us what you’ll be sipping this Christmas. […]



Christmas Competition time! Take a picture of your decorations, and feature a bottle of Beefsteak Club, for a chance to win wine. Show us your festive vibes! To enter, follow us on Instagram or Facebook, take a snap of your Xmas deccies including a bottle of Beefsteak, and post using the hashtag #malbecthehalls. The first […]

Mulled Malbec

Mulled Malbec

Put a quality twist on this festive fave with our Mulled Malbec! The better quality wine, the better overall taste. So check out our tips or take your go-to mulled wine recipe and substitute the usual red for a bottle of Beefsteak Club Mendoza Malbec! Brace yourself for a taste sensation as our Malbec is […]

Lighter Beefsteak Club Bottles

Lighter Beefsteak Club Bottles

We’ve taken a step to reduce our carbon footprint by making our Beefsteak Club Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon bottles 24% lighter. By light-weighting our bottles we can save around 340 tonnes of glass a year, the equivalent weight of 27 London buses, conserving energy and natural resources. We can also fit more wine bottles on […]

Release the Beast!

The Beast Dark Red

Somewhere in the deepest, darkest, Douro, The Beast is stirring. There are many dark reds out there. But The Beast is a different breed! The Beast is watching. The Beast is waiting. The Beast is coming…sooner than you think. This decadent, expertly blended dark red comes from Portugal’s Douro Valley and is aged in Port […]


Smoke & Fire Festival Wine Sponsor

We’ve got some hot #BEEFUPYOURBBQ news. We’re an official partner for Smoke & Fire Festivals for the third year running. This means we’ll be bringing Beefsteak Club wines and vibes to: Ascot Racecourse, Royal Enclosure, 30th-31st July Castle Park, Colchester. 20th-21st August. Launched in 2017, in just four years it has become the largest BBQ […]


Beefsteak Club Wines at Taste of London 2022

We were chuffed to be at Taste of London this June! Thanks to everyone who stopped by our double-decker container bar to sample our wines, including a first taste of The Beast! Until next year…

Red Rooster Festival

Red Rooster Festival

We’ve got some hot #BEEFUPYOURBBQ news for you! Beefsteak Club is going to be at The Red Rooster Country Music Festival from the 2nd – 4th June. You can find us in the Smoke & Fire festival Red Roaster Zone! As the wine sponsors of the festival, you’ll find our delicious Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc and […]

New Malbec Rosé Box!

Malbec Rosé Box

Our new Malbec Rosé Wine Box is here. And now available from Waitrose and Partners! Perfect to share and made with care, you can enjoy the same great taste of Beefsteak Club Malbec Rosé and help out the environment a little too! This nifty 2.25 litre box has a lower carbon footprint than the glass […]

Roasting Made Easy

Roasting Made Easy

Call us optimistic, but in spite of the recent weather, it feels like spring has officially sprung. Mother’s Day and Easter are fast approaching, so we think it’s the perfect time to shine the spotlight on one of the nation’s most famous dishes – the mighty roast.  This hearty classic will always add flavour to […]

Sauvignon Blanc Beefing Up the Shelves at Sainsbury’s

Sauvignon Blanc

We’re beyond thrilled to announce that our new Sauvignon Blanc is now available in Sainsbury’s! Meet a zesty character, bursting with notes of lime, citrus and tropical fruit. We’re talking some serious zip and acidity on the palate with a mouth-watering fruity finish.

Steak and wine for your Valentine.

Steak & Wine for Your Valentine

February is pure fantasy of the best kind. Think about it: it’s the only time of year when a cheeky, chubby, cherub marauds about town matchmaking with an enchanted bow and arrow. Beyond epic right? Snapping back to reality – we might not quite have Cupid’s prowess in the love game, but we can definitely […]

Which Wine for Burns Night?

Burns Night

Are you planning a Burns Night supper, yet not so keen on a glass Scotch? Not to fear, as wine can be a great match to a rich and flavoursome haggis if you pick the right variety. The trick is to pick a wine with enough punch and flavour to match this meatiest of meat […]

We’re on the Box!

Beefsteak Club TV Advert

Check out our TV advert which is on the box this February. Let’s #RAISETHESTEAKS!