Malbec Rosé Wine Box

Drink Outside the Box!

Our new Malbec Rosé Wine Box is here! Now available from Waitrose and Partners.

Perfect to share and made with care, you can enjoy the same great taste and help out the environment a little too!

This nifty 2.25 litre box has a lower carbon footprint than the glass equivalent and it’s ten times lighter. Sounds easier on you and easier on the planet! As if things couldn’t get any better, our Malbec Rosé Wine Box stays fresh for 6 weeks after opening, so you can enjoy those delicate citrus fruit aromas and notes of strawberry and raspberry for longer!

What are you waiting for? Let’s Drink Outside The Box!

For the stat and fact lovers out there:

2.25L Wine Box Compared to Glass Equivalent:
– 10X lighter
– 6X more shelf life after opening
– 28% more wine per pallet

Manufacture generates on average:
– 7.5X less carbon emissions
– Lower water & energy consumption


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