How to make a Beefsteak Club Bus

1. Buy a Beefsteak Club 2.25 litre wine box (available from Waitrose online, Ocado and select independent retailers).

2. Drink the contents. Responsibly.

3. Remove the inner bag.

4. Print out templates 1a and 1b, cut out the black shapes and fold along the dotted lines. Or to cut out from other materials, such as black card or self-adhesive film, print templates 2a and 2b.

Click the links to access templates – 1a / 1b/ 2a / 2b

5. Stick them to the wine box in accordance with the pictures. The upper windows should be placed approx. ¼ inch (7mm) from the top of the box.

Beefsteak Bus - FrontBeefsteak Bus - Near Side

6. Cut two holes the diameter of a 5 pence piece 2 inches (50mm) from the front of the box and ¾ of an inch (20m) from the bottom of the box.

7. Cut two holes the diameter of 5 pence 2 ¼ inches (60mm) from the rear of the box and ¾ of an inch (20mm) from the bottom of the box.

8. For the axles

i) Take a sheet of A4 paper and trim it to a width of 7 inches (180mm).

ii) Fold the sheet vertically and cut along the fold with a paper knife.

iii) Place the two strips together and roll them tightly into a cylinder.

iv) Wrap Sellotape round the paper cylinder.

v) Plug the ends of the cylinder with Blutack. Remove surplus Blutack with a knife.

vi) Repeat for the second axle.

9. For the wheels stick the templates to a sheet of card and cut them out.

10. Attach a wheel to the end of each axle by pushing a drawing pin through the centre of the wheel into the centre of the axle.

11. Put the axles through the holes.

12. Attach the remaining wheels to the other ends of the axle.

That’s it! You too can enjoy the recreation of statesmen. Remember to join the club and share with the hashtag #BEEFSTEAKBUS – we’re all on the same bus!



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