World Malbec Day Quiz

To celebrate World Malbec Day on the 17th April, we’ve created a Beefsteak Club quiz. Challenge you friends and family to find out how much they know about this special grape!

(Answers at bottom of the page)

1. In which country did the Malbec grape originate?

a) Italy

b) France

c) Argentina

d) Chile

2. What was Malbec first known as?

a) Carignan

b) Criolla

c) Malbech

d) Cot

3. Which country has the most Malbec vineyards today?

a) USA

b) France

c) Argentina

d) Chile

4. Who introduced Malbec to Argentina?

a) Michel Pouget

b) Georges Duboef

c) Pedro de Mendoza

d) Jean-Yves Peron

5. Which of these regions produces the most Malbec in Argentina?

a) Uco Valley

b) Cafayate Valley

c) Mendoza

d) Maipu

6. What is a classic ‘tell’ of Malbec in a blind wine tasting?

a) Long legs

b) Magenta rim

c) Garnet tints

d) Deep colour

7. Which of these tasting notes best describes a typical Malbec?

a) Juicy ripe fruits and smooth tannins

b) Light-bodied with high acidity and low tannins

c) High alcohol and high tannins

d) Aromatic with notes of tropical fruit

8. Which meat is traditionally paired with Malbec?

a) Roast Lamb

b) Steak

c) Barbecued Sausages

d) Pulled Pork

9. The current Beefsteak Club wine range includes Malbecs from which countries?

a) Argentina, France, South Africa

b) Argentina, Italy, USA

c) Australia, Chile, South Africa

d) Italy, France, Spain

10. Have you tried a Beefsteak Club Malbec before?

a) Yes

b) No



1. b / 2. d / 3. c / 4. a / 5. c / 6. b / 7. a / 8. b / 9. a / 10. There’s no right answer here, but if you want to give it a whirl, you can find Beefsteak Club Malbec in Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons, Wine Rack, Majestic, Booths, Ocado and at select independent wine merchants.













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