The Synergy of Sip + Sizzle

In life there are certain things that go together perfectly. Cocktails and sandy beaches, a lie-in on Sunday morning, steak and red wine: the list goes on. But have you ever stopped to think about why this is the case?  The answer can be found in one simple word – synergy. Don’t worry; we’re not going to venture into pensive chin-stroking territory here. Just think of synergy as two perfectly matched elements coming together to create a powerful new experience.

OK so where are we going with this? Well, Beefsteak Club and Big K have joined forces to explore the wonderful world of #SipandSizzle. So far, our journey has opened up all kinds of tasty and tantalising ways to Beef Up Your BBQ! And now we’re exploring the relationship between charcoal, wine and flavour. We’re going beyond the complimentary here people. We want to find the most seamless, flawless and perfect pairings. We’re talking about matches made in taste heaven – colourful combos that lead to flavour Nirvana. Think the ultimate blend of charcoal, BBQ food and wine.

Charcoal and wine? Two Peas in a Pod.

While most people have a general awareness of wine and its many nuances, the same cannot be said for charcoal. These unassuming black lumps are often thrown under one umbrella – charcoal is charcoal. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The world of charcoal is just as diverse as the world of wine: a place filled with varying flavours, aromas and sensations. Much like how grape, climate and production process affect a wine’s flavour, wood type, carbon density, and manufacturing techniques determine a charcoal’s flavour infusion. Looks like these two palate-pleasing pals have more in common than you might think!

The point is that we shouldn’t view wine and charcoal as two separate things. They share connections that can come together through the amazing art of BBQ. So let’s get hands-on and do some BBQ matchmaking. It’s time to elevate your flame game to a new flavour-sphere.

1. Big K Apple Wood Lumpwood + Beefsteak Club Sauvignon Blanc

Some like to keep things light on the grill, incorporating fruity touches into the mix. This is all about grilling fish and lighter meats, then adding fruit accents wherever possible. We have just the delicious duo for you. First, fire up your grill with some Big K Apple Wood Lumpwood Charcoal. This artisanal charcoal creates a sweet, smoky and subtle apple flavour infusion into your food.  To complete perfection, reach for a bottle of Beefsteak Club Sauvignon Blanc from Chile. Why?  This vibrant wine is crisp and zesty, with aromas of green apple and tropical fruit. Talk about a harmonious symphony of fruit-a-licousness!

Availability: Beefsteak Club Sauvignon Blanc from Chile coming soon.

Big K Apple Wood Lumpwood Box available here

2. Big K Premium Cocoshell Briquettes + Beefsteak Club Malbec Rosé

Complimentary doesn’t always mean similarity. Sometimes the best matches are about contrast – like our next culinary couple. Big K Premium Cocoshell Briquettes are made from waste coconut shell, delivering a cleaner and purer burn with minimal smoke and a light earthy taste. These little lovelies have a minimalist flavour profile, meaning they really allow the natural flavour of your meats, fish or prawns to shine. An emphatic contrast is needed to complete this taste trinity: enter the Beefsteak Club Malbec Rosé. Every sip is crisp and delicate – offering pure notes of strawberries and citrus fruit. This wine is a perfect partner for prawn skewers or barbecued chicken, delivering an energetic fruity punch within the more subtle mix of taste and textures.

Availability: Beefsteak Club Malbec Rosé available at Waitrose & select independent retailers.

Big K Premium Cocoshell Briquettes available here

3. Big K Flama Kachi Stick Charcoal + Beefsteak Club Mendoza Malbec

There’s nothing wrong with rustling up a few burgers on the grill. But many people yearn for something more from their BBQ. Here’s a marvelous match that will definitely float a few adventurous boats. Kick things off with Big K Flama – a 100% natural lumpwood charcoal made from Kachi Stick. These potent sticks are ideal for Japanese Robata grilling, delivering tender chicken teriyaki time after time. Now all that’s missing is the right wine to make things pop. Say hello to the Beefsteak Club Mendoza Malbec! With fruit-forward qualities and notes of plums and dark fruits, this outstanding all-rounder pairs perfectly with the light smokiness of Flama, as well as Japanese-style grilled chicken or beef. Intrepid BBQ explorers will be beyond satisfied. Bonus pairing alert: Beefsteak Club Tempranillo also brings a smooth texture and dark fruit flavours to the party, making it another stellar match with Big K Flama.

Availability: Beefsteak Club Mendoza Malbec – All major retailers

Big K Flama Kachi Stick Charcoal available here

4. Big K Dura Charcoal + Beefsteak Club Reserve Malbec

What’s the ultimate BBQ experience? Many would say it’s about tapping into the primeval basics – rich meat combined with a deep and heavy smoky infusion. We’ve got just the power couple for all the true carnivores out there. Big K Dura Lumpwood Charcoal is made from White Quebracho hardwood, bringing a heavy and earthy smokiness into the mix thanks to its super high carbon density. Dura definitely elevates any rich and succulent meat to new levels of flavour. We need a strong and potent partner to solve the taste equation. Beefsteak Club Reserve Malbec is rich and full-bodied, with smoky notes created from time spent ageing in oak barrels. The concentration and outstanding texture of this wine make it a perfect partner in crime for denser charcoal infusions. Plus the complexity of its black olive and vanilla flavours meld seamlessly with Dura’s earthy undertones. We’re salivating just thinking about it! Variety is the spice of life, so we would also suggest pairing Big K Dura with Beefsteak Club Cafayate Valley Tannat or Australian Shiraz depending on your taste in tipples.

Availability: Beefsteak Club Reserve Malbec – Ocado, The Wine Press & select independent retailers.

Big K Professional Dura Lumpwood Charcoal available here.

Feeling empowered thanks to this newly obtained wisdom? We’re sure that you’re super pumped and ready to discover your ultimate wine and charcoal combos. Now that you’ve beefed up your BBQ IQ, it’s time to get out there and Beef Up Your BBQ!  We’d love to see your amazing ideas come to life, so grill, post and tag Beefsteak Club and Big K on socials!  Stay tuned for more #SipandSizzle coming soon.


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